On October 19th, 2010, Kompaï is recognized on France 2 as a true, credible and very promising solution to help seniors staying longer and safer at home. Robotized companions are on the way …


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We made a special version of our Kompaï robot, based on a robuLAB-10 platform, equipped with an expresso machine (battery powered). Just call robuKAWA, and enjoy your coffee … Click here to see the video on youtube

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Seattle-Bidart, September 13th 2010: Hoaloha Robotics (USA) and ROBOSOFT (F) announce on an agreement to work collaboratively on the design of a socially assistive robot that can enable individuals who require assistive care to address the challenges to daily living that may come as the result of chronic illness, injury, or aging and empower individuals live more independently, with dignity, and at more sustainable costs.

With an increasing population needing assistive, rising costs, and shrinking available resources, defining solutions address this challenge is the primary objective for Hoaloha Robotics,” says Tandy Trower, CEO of Hoaloha Robotics. “Teaming up with Robosoft and their experience in robotics is a perfect complement to the software and services that Hoaloha is developing.

The market for assistive robots is one of the most likely opportunities for the emerging personal robotics industry,” says Vincent Dupourqué, CEO of Robosoft. “We see the collaboration with Hoaloha as a major plus in working to address this market.

In the DOMEO Project, sponsored by AAL, NIMR the Hungarian partner is implementing speech synthesis and recognition in Hungarian for Kompaï robot. An agreement was made between NIMR and AITIA Ltd (an expert in speech recognition) for developing SR in Hungarian for NIMR Kompaï R&D robot.

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The Open-Source robuBOX-Kompaï, is featured in Microsoft Robotics Blog.

Visit also the robuBOX homepage and read the robuBOX White Paper.

Cyber Care: Will Robots Help the Elderly Live at Home Longer?

Companies are developing elder care bots with the hope of making people more independent later in life

By Brian T. Horowitz

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We have completed the 2nd generation of our robuRIDE, used to implement Cybernetic Transport Systems. It can reach 24 km/h with 30 passengers, and has a dynamic accuracy of a few centimeters, thanks to the hybrid navigation system based on GPS, inertial sensor and odometry.
This video has been done during Factory Acceptance Tests of the robuRIDE for ROME Cybernetic Transport System,  in May 2010, in Dax, Biarritz and Bidart. We explain here the vehicle and how it works, show how it can be transported from one site to another, and also some users give their first impressions.

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Anchorage, May 3rd 2010 : at ICRA 2010 (International Conference on Robotics and Automation), Robosoft introduces the Open Source release of the robuBOX-Kompaï, the Software Development Kit of the Kompaï R&D robot, designed to develop interactive robots that assist ageing and dependent persons.

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Kompaï R&D is a modular and open robot, intended to develop assistance applications for use by dependent persons in their daily lives. RobuBOX-Kompaï provides functions such as speech recognition (for understanding simple orders, and to give a certain level of response), localisation and navigation (for going from one place to another on demand or on its own initiative), communication (it is permanently connected to the Internet and all its services), automation (for personal monitoring, recognition of gestures and postures) …