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This video shows the functions developed in the MIDAS project based on Kompaï robot and Geomobile RFID tags. The primary goal of MIDAS is to develop complete and intelligent solutions, making use of different types of sensors, actuators, and connectivity technologies.


This robot has been designed by ROBOSOFT:PGES’s engineers in the 2000s.
It has been designed for logistics automation in hospitals.
The navigation system is based on laser localization, which does not require any infrastructure.

This video shows the latest version of our multi-purpose mobile platform for research in all-terrain robotics.
The robuCAR-TT can reach almost 30km/h, accelerate up to 2 m/s2. Control can be done using an on-board UDP server (from any PC and OS), or with the robuBOX, ROBOSOFT’s Open Source middleware for developers and integrators, based on Microsoft Robotics Studio

Designed for remote control of outdoors robots, robuREMOTE offers a generic, portable, ergonomic and modular robot control software (for Robosoft robots or not). The interface is made of one window divided with specific panels dedicated to : map, video, dashboard, driving and embedded modules. This allows the user to check important data at any time and to organize the interface the way he needs. Augmented reality is possible using robuREMOTE by overlaying various data on the video display (optical flow, cameras’ information…).
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Kompaï has been demonstrated at CHU Poitiers, on May 12th, 2011. The main goal was to show navigation reliability inside the hospital. After a few minutes of set-up, Kompaï did it perfectly, through corridors, around trolleys to elevators !

See Kompaï on Euronews, from Feb 28th, 2011 among other innovations developed thanks to EC support. This is a preview of the forthcoming program starting Feb 28th, 2011.

To watch the video in French, click here

Monday February 28th at 20:45, 22:45
Tuesday March 1s tat 5:15, 7:45, 15:45, 17:45
Wednesday 2nd at 12:15, 20:45
Thursday 3rd at 6:15, 17:15
Friday 4th at 16:15
Saturday 5th at 11:15, 22:15
Sunday 6th at 7:15 and 19:45 CET.
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On October 19th, 2010, Kompaï is recognized on France 2 as a true, credible and very promising solution to help seniors staying longer and safer at home. Robotized companions are on the way …

Click here to watch this russian scientific programme where Kompaï is !

We made a special version of our Kompaï robot, based on a robuLAB-10 platform, equipped with an expresso machine (battery powered). Just call robuKAWA, and enjoy your coffee … Click here to see the video on youtube

In the DOMEO Project, sponsored by AAL, NIMR the Hungarian partner is implementing speech synthesis and recognition in Hungarian for Kompaï robot. An agreement was made between NIMR and AITIA Ltd (an expert in speech recognition) for developing SR in Hungarian for NIMR Kompaï R&D robot.

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