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This video shows the latest version of our multi-purpose mobile platform for research in all-terrain robotics.
The robuCAR-TT can reach almost 30km/h, accelerate up to 2 m/s2. Control can be done using an on-board UDP server (from any PC and OS), or with the robuBOX, ROBOSOFT’s Open Source middleware for developers and integrators, based on Microsoft Robotics Studio


We installed our control technology based on PURE (Professional Universal Robot Engine) and robuBOX into our all-terrain research robot, the robuCAR-TT.

We show in this video the factory trials done in March 2011, which demonstrate high-speed (25 km/h) and clearance capabiliites.

See video here.

We have completed the 2nd generation of our robuRIDE, used to implement Cybernetic Transport Systems. It can reach 24 km/h with 30 passengers, and has a dynamic accuracy of a few centimeters, thanks to the hybrid navigation system based on GPS, inertial sensor and odometry.
This video has been done during Factory Acceptance Tests of the robuRIDE for ROME Cybernetic Transport System,  in May 2010, in Dax, Biarritz and Bidart. We explain here the vehicle and how it works, show how it can be transported from one site to another, and also some users give their first impressions.

A few weeks ago, we demonstrated the results of the CTS-SAT project (2007-2009) in which a new hybrid satellite navigation system for CTS (Cybernetic Transport Systems) has been developed by Robosoft and its parters M3S, LCPC, SkyLAB and Cité de l’Espace (Toulouse). This work has been partly funded by the French Ministry of Finance, Industry and Employment (ULISS). This system gives a centimetric accuracy when repeating a recorded path.

Click here to watch the English video or French video.