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Seattle-Bidart, September 13th 2010: Hoaloha Robotics (USA) and ROBOSOFT (F) announce on an agreement to work collaboratively on the design of a socially assistive robot that can enable individuals who require assistive care to address the challenges to daily living that may come as the result of chronic illness, injury, or aging and empower individuals live more independently, with dignity, and at more sustainable costs.

With an increasing population needing assistive, rising costs, and shrinking available resources, defining solutions address this challenge is the primary objective for Hoaloha Robotics,” says Tandy Trower, CEO of Hoaloha Robotics. “Teaming up with Robosoft and their experience in robotics is a perfect complement to the software and services that Hoaloha is developing.

The market for assistive robots is one of the most likely opportunities for the emerging personal robotics industry,” says Vincent Dupourqué, CEO of Robosoft. “We see the collaboration with Hoaloha as a major plus in working to address this market.


Published in Mag Aquitaine, March 2010, article en Français !

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Last summer, the robuROC6 mobile robot travelled through the wild landscape of Iceland, with the Ushuaïa Nature team of Nicolas Hulot. The movie scenario of “We walked on Iceland” consisted in discovering the so beautiful landscape of the young nature of Iceland, emerging only 20 million years ego. Exploring extremes in the great outdoors, robuROC6 moved on rough non-cohesive terrain as snow or on rocks, demonstrating its capabilities to evolve in such critical conditions. With its three monocycle modules linked together with roll and pitch joints, it adapted its shape to the geometry of the natural grounds, filming and scanning accurately its environment. For sure, our robot was in its element!

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Watch the full show on TF1 March 13th, 8:40 pm

Ushuaïa :,,5767400,00-ushuaia-nature-nous-emmene-en-islande-.html


Kompai R&D was invited Feb 11th by the French cluster Cap Digital to meet Nathalie Kosciusko-Morizet (NKM), State Secretary in charge of digital-economy development. NKM and Kompai R&D took that chance to have a casual chat, demonstrating how robotics technology will help dependant persons and seniors to stay longer and safer at home.

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Many of the world’s biggest countries are on the threshold of a new era where an increasing number of old people will have to be supported by a shrinking younger workforce. Peter Day finds out whether this is a threat to the way we live now or an opportunity for new kinds of business.

In this programme, Vincent Dupourque, CEO of ROBOSOFT, explains the company’s strategy in the field of assistive robots.