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See Kompaï on Euronews, from Feb 28th, 2011 among other innovations developed thanks to EC support. This is a preview of the forthcoming program starting Feb 28th, 2011.

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Monday February 28th at 20:45, 22:45
Tuesday March 1s tat 5:15, 7:45, 15:45, 17:45
Wednesday 2nd at 12:15, 20:45
Thursday 3rd at 6:15, 17:15
Friday 4th at 16:15
Saturday 5th at 11:15, 22:15
Sunday 6th at 7:15 and 19:45 CET.
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The simulator shown in this video (French or English) has been developed by ROBOSOFT in the SCA2RS project, sponsored by FRAE and in cooperation with ONERA, SAGEM and CNRS-LAAS. It manages the behavior of all the actors in a rescue mission scenario, after a natural disaster. These actors are groups of survivors and a fleet of aerial drones, land robots and manned helicopters in charge of seeking and rescuing the survivors. This simulator is the realistic reflect of the fleet’s intelligence developed by our partners in their planning algorithm.

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