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Last summer, the robuROC6 mobile robot travelled through the wild landscape of Iceland, with the Ushuaïa Nature team of Nicolas Hulot. The movie scenario of “We walked on Iceland” consisted in discovering the so beautiful landscape of the young nature of Iceland, emerging only 20 million years ego. Exploring extremes in the great outdoors, robuROC6 moved on rough non-cohesive terrain as snow or on rocks, demonstrating its capabilities to evolve in such critical conditions. With its three monocycle modules linked together with roll and pitch joints, it adapted its shape to the geometry of the natural grounds, filming and scanning accurately its environment. For sure, our robot was in its element!

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Watch the full show on TF1 March 13th, 8:40 pm

Ushuaïa :,,5767400,00-ushuaia-nature-nous-emmene-en-islande-.html



At ILTCI 2010 (Intercompany Long Term Care Insurance Conference), New Orleans March 14th-17th, Robosoft will present Kompaï for the first time, a robot specifically designed to assist dependent persons at home. This robot can speak, understand what is said to it, find its way around the house and, with just a word, access all internet services. This very first version is called Kompaï R&D, is intended for developers who want to implement their own robotics application for assistance of dependent persons.

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Kompaï R&D will soon be proposed to researchers who want to develop their own companion robots. It will offer the most advanced existing technologies available today for developing interactive robots. Totally open, flexible and modular, it is a ”state of the art” basis to develop and implement own scenarios of assistance to the person.

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